R & D

Research & Development

Material Tech-Focus on centrifugal casting

  • 10 series of 25 kinds of materials,include matrix structures of bainite, pearlite, austenite,martensite,ferrolites
  • Mature  nodular cast iron and Compacted graphite iron castings Production process
  • Tin bronze, aluminum brass and other copper alloy materials
  • Chromium Alloy Anti-wear iron
cylinder liner

Honing Tech-High Quality and clear

  • Plateau honing, spiral sliding honing, laser honing, brush honing, lapping honing
cylinder liner

Surface Treatment-Different conditions, a variety of choices

  • Phosphating, ion nitriding, gas nitriding, salt bath nitriding, isothermal quenching, vacuum hardening,high frequency hardening, tempering, normalizing, annealing, etc. 
  • Effectively improve the capacity of anti-cavitation and anti corrosion, and reduce the frictional work
cylinder liner


  • Shot peening and rolling can increase the cylinder liner minimum breaking load,improving the ability of anti fatigue-fracture 
cylinder liner

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